Troubleshooting, Issues and other questions

When does Taskary sync with Google Tasks?

Taskary will sync with Google Tasks in the following cases:

  • When the app is opened and the last Sync took place greater than 30 minutes ago, Taskary will sync in the background after the app starts
  • When a Task is created or edited(including marked complete), Taskary will sync those changes with Google immediately once the device is online and can access Google

When you make a change to your Google Tasks on the web in Calendar or Gmail those changes won't be reflected in Taskary until the next sync (currently Google offers no way to push those changes to 3rd party apps like Taskary). You can start a sync manually in Taskary by swiping down in any list screen.

Sync with Google Tasks isn't working

In certain circumstances Taskary may become out of sync with Google and a manual sync will not bring your Tasks up to date with Google. To fix this try the following:

  • Open Taskary, swipe right or touch the menu icon to open the navigation bar
  • At the top of the navigation bar, touch the box showing your Google account/Gmail email address
  • You will be prompted to select an account to continue using Taskary
  • Select the same account you are currently using, this will sign you out an back in again to your Google account
  • Open Settings in the navigation bar
  • In Settings, select the Backup option
  • In the Backup screen, touch the menu icon on the top right and select the Perform Full Sync option
  • Allow the sync process to complete, you data should now be up to date

Why does Taskary ask for access to my Contacts?

Taskary will ask for Contact permssions in the following cases:

  • If you try to assign a contact to a Task
  • If you allow Taskary to show your calendar in Today/Upcoming, Taskary may ask for access to your contacts if calendar events have attendees. This allows Taskary to show contact photos and quick acess with your calendar events.
  • If you have Gmail messages linked to a Task. Taskary asks for access to your contacts to show contact photos and names for Gmail message senders.

Why does Taskary ask for access to my Calendar?

Taskary will ask for access to your Calendar to show your calendar events in the Today and Upcoming screens along side your Tasks. Declining to grant access means Taskary will only show your Tasks in these screens

Why does Taskary ask for access to my location?

Taskary will ask for access to your location when you choose to assign a location to a task. This allows Taskary to determine when you are near a specific location using your device's GPS and trigger a task notification to remind you.