Manage Your To-Do lists, Get things done

Quickly add tasks, see whats for Today and set custom reminders and view your Agenda

Quickly add tasks, set due dates and specify a list

You can add tasks quickly, just enter the task description and include a date and time for a due date, entering:

Email quote document to Mark on Friday at 10am

will add this task and set the due date to next Friday at 10am

See what's To-Do for Today

Touch the Today view to see what Tasks you have due today. This view can also show your Google Calendar events occurring Today with the Show Events menu option.

Your My Tasks Inbox

You can create tasks quickly without specifying a To-do list and add them to your My Tasks list. This acts as your default To-do list.

Swipe or Drag Task

When viewing any list of Tasks, simply swipe right to complete your task, swipe left to schedule a task's due date. Hold and drag the task to reorder the task in the list.

Review your Schedule

The Upcoming view lets you see what Tasks are due in the next week or more. You can also view your calendar events by selecting the Show Events menu option.

Plus there's more..

  • Set custom reminder dates and times
  • Create repeating tasks: Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc
  • Break a task down into subtasks
  • Color code your To-do lists
  • Sync with Google Tasks
  • Assign Contacts to Tasks