Getting Started with Taskary

Create some Tasks

  • Touch the add button to create a task
  • Enter your task description
  • If you want to specify a list, touch the list icon or just enter the @ symbol followed by the list name, e.g. @Work
  • You can specify a day or date by typing a weekday or date, for example: Next Monday will set the due date to next monday. Oct 13 will set the due date to October 13th. You can also use Today or Tomorrow. You can also use descriptions like in 5 days to set the due date
  • Alternatively touch the calendar icon to use the date picker to set a due date
  • Touch the contacts icon to assign contacts your new task
  • Touch the send icon to save the task
  • If you want to add more details or customize reminders, touch the + button to open the new task screen and finish

Setting due dates and reminders

  • You can manually set due dates and reminder dates and times
  • Long press the + button to open the new task screen
  • Touch the Due Date button and select the due date
  • If you want to specify a time, touch the Due Time button and select the due time for your task
  • Similarly, select the Reminder Date and Reminder Time buttons to customize the reminder as required
  • By default Taskary sets reminders for 20 minutes before a due time or if no due time is set at 8:00/8am on the due date
  • Finish entering your task details and save

Create a new To-do List

  • To create a list touch the menu button and select the Add List option
  • Enter your new list name
  • Specify a color code and enable or disable the progress bar if required
  • Save the List
  • You can now add tasks to your new list by specifying the list name preceded by the @ symbol when quick adding a task or select it from the dropdown in the New Task screen

Color code your To-do Lists

  • You can color code your lists as a visual aid while you work
  • Select a list from your task lists
  • Touch the menu button and select the Edit List option
  • Select a predefined color or alternatively touch the block marked Or Customize Color and touch the color you want on the color wheel
  • Save the list, the color code will be displayed in a bar at the top of the list, at the side of the list name in the menu and with the list name in your Agenda, Today and other categories

Create sub-tasks

  • You can create a list of sub-tasks under a Task
  • Long press a task in a list and select OK to create a sub-task
  • Enter your task description and any other fields as required, the new task's parent will be set for you
  • Save the task, you will be prompted if you want to create another sub-task, select Cancel if finished
  • A task with sub-tasks will have a number in a blue bubble on the right, this indicates the number of uncompleted sub-tasks. Touch the task to view a list of its sub-tasks

Assign Contacts to a task

  • Long press the + button to create a new task
  • Enter your task description, due date etc..
  • Select the Select Contacts button
  • You can then check 1 or more contacts to assign to your task, if you have a large number of contacts you can enter the contact's name in the Search Contacts field to find them
  • Touch the save icon, and then save the task
  • The contacts photos and names will be shown with the new task, you can touch a contacts photo to access their contact details to send a message or make a call

Set a location-based reminder

  • You can set a location for a task to get a reminder when you are near by
  • Long press the + button to create a new task
  • Enter your task description, due date etc..
  • Swipe to the bottom, and touch the Set Locations button
  • To create a new task location, touch the + button
  • Enter a location description, you will be prompted with suggestions
  • Touch a suggestion to use that location or enter your own description and swipe to it on the map and place the location marker as required
  • By default location reminders are created when you arrive at a location but you can select When I leave in the notify me field if preferred
  • Touch the save icon to save the location, this location can now be reused for any tasks
  • Check the new location and save to store it with your new task
  • Touch the save icon, and then save the task
  • You will recieve a notification when you are next near this location, you can complete the task from the notification

Use your tasks Inbox

  • The tasks inbox is where every task goes when you don't specify a list
  • Quick adding a task without specifying a list will add it to your Inbox
  • You can also setup task sharing with other Taskary users, any tasks you receive from others will be shown in your Inbox
  • Optionally, you can have your missed calls on your phone shown in your Inbox. Touching a missed call will open up a New Task screen with the caller's contact details already attached. This will allow you to quickly create a task for following up on your missed calls
  • You can enable the missed calls feature by opening Settings from the menu and enabling the feature in the Calls screen