Managing Tasks

How to move Tasks quickly?

  • Hold to select a task, touch more tasks to include them
  • Select the List button in the top bar
  • Select the list you want to move the task to in the dialog and select OK
  • Your tasks will be moved to its new destination list

How to postpone or schedule a Task?

  • Swipe a task to the right
  • Select the due date you want to schedule the task for in the dialog and select OK
  • Your task's due date will be set, you will receive a notification on the due date

How to delete completed Tasks?

  • Check off any tasks you want to complete
  • Touch the menu button in the top right of the screen
  • Select the Delete Completed option from the menu
  • Your completed tasks will be deleted

How to reorder Tasks?

  • Hold down and the drag the task to the position you require
  • Repeat for any other tasks you want to reorder