Get Organized!

Taskary is a fully featured Task and To-do list management app for Android devices. You can set due dates and times for your tasks, customize reminders and store notes, associate contacts with your tasks and attach photos or star an important task - everything you need to stay organized and be productive. Taskary will also sync to your Google Tasks so you can access on the go or using your Desktop computer.

Manage your tasks and To-do items. Keep on top of your work and schedule with the Agenda and Today screens.

Sync your tasks with Google and access them in Google Calendar. Manage your tasks on the go or in the office.

View your Agenda

The Agenda view shows you all your tasks due in the next few days, it will also show you any calendar events on your google calendar. With a quick glance you can see what's happening today and for the next few days.

Get Focused

You can use the Today view to see what tasks need completing each day along side any meetings or appointments you have on your calendar. Start your day with a clear view of your schedule.

Repeating Tasks

You can easily setup repeating tasks in Taskary. Choose from daily, weekdays, weekly, monthly or yearly repeating options and you can customize the interval and for how long a repeating task will last.

Location based Reminders

Want a reminder when you get to the office? No problem just set the task location when creating a task and you'll be reminded once you get near that location.

Connect to Gmail

Connect to your Gmail inbox from within the app and start turning emails into Tasks, get reminded to reply to that important email and send replies from within the app. If you use Gmail in a desktop browser you can use the 'Add to Tasks' feature and create a new task which will be synced with Taskary on your devices.

Agenda Widget

Taskary includes a scrollable agenda widget so you can see your Tasks and calendar events easily from your home screen.

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